African Cooking Yoruba Style Cookbook. Nigerian Recipes

African Cooking

Yoruba Style

A Nigerian Recipes Cookbook


Wouldn't you just love to have a taste of the foods African West Coast? The savoury stews of Nigerian cooking using foods of the sea and vegetables off the farm seasoned and cooked together. 

Adding the intense hot of chili peppers. If cooked over charcoal fires the smokey flavors adds that much more to the taste. Pounded yams in and of themselves nothing spectacular but add them to the deep rich red Nigerian stew and you have a scrumptious savory bite that begs to be repeated.

Well then pick up African Cooking Yoruba Style a cookbook featuring recipes from Nigeria and produce the delicous flavors of Nigeria right in your own kitchen.

Just ask yourself:  “How often do I get the chance to make truly ethnic cuisine right at home?!”

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The Story Behind the Cookbook

My ethnicity is one half Nigerian (or Yoruba to be specific) and one half American.  I was born in the US but spent much of my young life in the African West Coast, in Nigeria. 

All of my life I have enjoyed Nigerian cuisine.  While in Rome many years ago we went to eat at Nigerian family’s home.  It had been many years since I had tasted of the traditional Yoruba foods and what a delight to eat those seasoned greens, okra and a delicious fiery stew, to name a few dishes, again. I ate heartily! 

Although I enjoy the foods from many different cultures Nigerian cuisine is my comfort food. The food I know and grew up with.

My mother learned to cook the Yoruba cuisine while we lived in Nigeria and being the true artist (by trade) that she is mastered the flavors and still serves these familiar dishes to our extended family today.

My sister has her Nigerian favorites and I have mine but our extended families enjoy them all.  This cookbook, African Cooking Yoruba Style, is the compilation of my mother’s Nigerian recipes along with tidbits about how she and we enjoyed the foods and cooked them. 

Each cook, no matter the cuisine, has their own way of preparing a dish. These are my mother’s Nigerian recipes. Her way and her style of preparing the traditional Nigerian dishes. She has cooked these dishes for dinner parties, family dinners and just small family gatherings. They are delicious and nutritious.

Akara- Fried Bean Patties

What you will find in African Cooking Yoruba Style...

    * 32 of our favorite Nigerian recipes including some adapted for US ingredients.

    * An Ethnic Food Locator with numbers and addresses of ethnic grocery stores and markets around the country and on the internet.

    * A Category Index listing what food group a dish falls into. For example soups or poultry

    * A Yoruba ingredients description list detailing some of the ingredients used in Nigerian cuisine.

Those from the American South may recognize some of the ingredients used and even some of the recipes.  Those from elsewhere will delight in the recipes from another culture.

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African Cooking Yoruba Style Cookbook. Nigerian Recipes

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